Advertisement Management System

Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD)

Advertisement Management System

This module is meant for the management of all allotted/permitted advertisement media of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. This application facilities payment of the Monthly Licence fee/permission fee by the advertising contractors/firms.

About Advertisement Department

Advertisement Department is one of the Revenue Earning Department of MCD, which regulates outdoor advertisements in the public view. No Outdoor Advertisements, Self Signages, and brand/product promotion in the public view can be displayed by anyone without the written permission of the Commissioner, MCD.

Following are the functions of the department:

  1. To give permission for display of outdoor advertisement in terms of DMC Act and Outdoor Advertisement Policy-2017 over any land, building, wall, hoarding, frame, vehicle or structure in public view.
  2. To prevent, remove and prosecute display of advertisements which are in contravention of the provisions of DMC Act and Advertisement Bye-laws,
  3. To grant permission to various shops/business establishments for display of their advertisements known as self signages. The permission may be obtained online by logging in Details such as rate of fee along with description of display for various zones in the jurisdiction of MCD may be seen link on the said.
  4. Collection of Theatre /Show Tax, as required under Section 140 of the DMC Act.
  5. Registration/Renewal of advertising firms under three different categories, as per Registration Policy. As per Advertisement Bye-laws of MCD, No one is eligible to display advertisements in Public View in any manner whatsoever, without being registered under appropriate category. A copy of the Registration Policy is available in the downloads section under the heading “Advertisement Department”. Also, the details of registered firms can also be accessed on the website.


  1. A copy of Outdoor Advertisement Policy-2017 is available in the downloads section
  2. Bye-laws in the downloads section
  3. A copy of Resolution No.35 Fixation of Rates for Non-Tendered Items in the downloads section.
  4. List of Blacklisted Advertiser/Contractors in the download section.

Outdoor Advertisement Policy 2017